A survey on recently proposed activation functions for Deep Learning

Activation Functions for Deep Learning


Artificial neural networks (ANN), typically referred to as neural networks, are a class of Machine Learning algorithms and have achieved widespread success, having been inspired by the biological structure of the human brain. Neural networks are inherently powerful due to their ability to learn complex function approximations from data. This generalization ability has been able to impact multidisciplinary areas involving image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, and others. Activation functions are a crucial sub-component of neural networks. They define the output of a node in the network given a set of inputs. This survey discusses the main concepts of activation functions in neural networks, including; a brief introduction to deep neural networks, a summary of what are activation functions and how they are used in neural networks, their most common properties, the different types of activation functions, some of the challenges, limitations, and alternative solutions faced by activation functions, concluding with the final remarks.

Murilo Gustineli
Murilo Gustineli
Computer Science at Georgia Tech

My research interests include deep learning, computer vision, and NLP